Web and Social Amplification

Forbes x Deloitte

BrandVoice is Forbes’ industry-leading content marketing platform that offers brands a multitude of ways to reach targeted audiences. Through Brandvoice, Deloitte came to Forbes looking to promote their survey on Millenial's workplace habits compared to Gen Z and others. With a Premium content post and social amplification, I worked closely with the marketing department to deliver a solution.

  • Web Design
  • Social Amplification
  • User Experience
  • Photoshop
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In the Research

Deloitte is famous for the research they provide across many different industries, as well as top-of-the-line insights you can't find elsewhere. The motif I created for their premium webpage is meant to make the content feel alive and popping, so I played with both type and color contrasts, with photographic movement juxtaposing static illustrations.

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