Nice to meet you.

Last Updated February 2019

About me

I'm Sean Downey, a multi-disciplinary and curious creator born and raised in Central New Jersey

My passion for design comes from my curiosity of pretty much all things. Design is about creating empathetic experiences that make life just a little easier everyday, and sometimes, being able to save the world.

  • Visual Design
  • User Interface
  • User Experience
  • Animation
  • Art Direction
  • Wildlife Conservation
  • Music and Music History
  • Producing
  • Photography
  • Basketball
  • Hiking and Travel
Growing Ideas

The Journey So Far.

I always find myself obsessive and invested in all things, sometimes all at once and others one at a time. At one time or another, I've found powerful curiosity in just about everything. The one thing that always sticks and facilitates all my curiosities, however, has and always will be design.
Powerful design spawns from the ability to question, and then constantly dig deeper for a better answer. In my young design career, I've tried to focus more on these ideologies to make my own process more precise, and my solutions better crafted. My nature is to be a designer, but I also know how to nurture it to be a better one.