Senior Thesis

  • Interaction Design
  • Motion Design
  • Architecture
  • Exhibtition Design
What We Neglect

Biodiversity is on a severe and fast decline , but we seem to neither comprehend nor see how fast this decline is. Design’s role to help biodiversity is to expose this information in a compelling way, as well as offer solutions that can start with directly affecting and educating the viewer.
My voice in the problem of biodiversity, is different, however. My input is that what we neglect, comes back to us. The environmental problems we neglect now will come back to bite us in the near future, and we won't be able to recover. This is an exosition of information and how you personally will be affected. As of now, I've created an interactive data visualization that presents current threatened species declared by the iucn, and their trends globally.

  • ClientClass Assignment
  • IndustryEnvironmental Science, Visual Arts
  • ServicesInteraction Design, Spatial Design
Using the IUCN's Red list, I created an interactive visualization that shows a portion of currently threatened/extinct species. Their arrangement is based upon their geography, showing which parts of the world are most harmful to their environment.
  • Future Plans
  • The work left to do is a combination of more interactive pieces and a dimensional model - both showing the current mass extinction on macro and micro scales, and how our world will look if the extinction continues.